Why You Should Be the Face of Your Brand on Video

After finally deciding to add video to your marketing strategy, you might think that you can get away with not presenting in front of the camera. There are a lot of different types of video content that you can choose to do, after all. From explainer videos to animated videos to testimonials, there are different ways to go about it that won’t require you to face the camera.

However, there’s a lot that you can gain for your brand when you choose to have a face in a video. And who’s in a better position to do it than you? Customers definitely appreciate having a presence that they know is credible when talking about a business. Being the face that they associate with it will help you maintain a good reputation for your company as well.

Let me tell you a few reasons why you need to stop hiding behind your brand’s website and get the courage to face the camera!

Your presence builds trust

When you choose to present as your company’s expert in your video material, you are able to build a rapport with your customers. They are more likely to warm up to your content better. Seeing a face along with the message assures them that they have a presence they can count on in your brand. This also makes them feel more valued. A physical presence will give the impression of being cared for, of wanting to communicate directly.

Being the constant face of your brand will also allow your customers to become more familiar with you. Since you have a message to deliver, you can build yourself up as someone credible and trustworthy. This will help you establish that connection with your audience. It also sends the right message – by having a face to communicate your brand’s message instead of a simple voiceover, your customers are encouraged to pay more attention because they are sent a proper messenger.

You can make them listen

Since appearing in front of the camera will help audiences learn how to trust you and your brand, it’s easier to communicate with them through video. There’s no better way to get a message across than by delivering it yourself. This way, they will be capable of paying more attention to you, provided that your video content is optimized for viewing and is truly valuable.

Compared to other video formats, having a face in a video is the best way to connect with your customers. And once you establish that connection, they will be more open to what you have to offer. If you keep in mind that you have to focus on your brand’s mission instead of your product, presenting in front of the camera will be the best way to reinforce your brand’s positive values. In turn, this will encourage your customers respond in a more favorable way.

You can make them feel things

If your message could use an appeal to emotion, there’s no better way to deliver it than by having someone present it in front of the camera. Body language, enunciation, and pauses will add more depth and drama to your content, making your customers consider their feelings. If you want to get them to do something, as most videos do, then there’s no better format that will be able to do that more effectively.

Spurring your audience into action will take more than a narrative or interesting motion graphics. How can you achieve this through presenting in front of the camera? Make sure you are honest and authentic when you deliver. There’s no room for faking your credibility here. Also, embody your brand values. This will show audiences that you truly care about them. And lastly, practice what you preach. There’s no better way to make them act than when you do it first.


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