3 Ways to Boost Your Startup Through Video

When you launch a startup, you might think that having an innovative product is enough to keep your business afloat. The reality is it’s a lot harder than that.

If you want your startup to grow, you need to invest in marketing. For your company to succeed, you have to develop an effective marketing strategy that will allow you to scale your business.

Understandably, you want to maximize your funds when you create your marketing campaigns. How will you best achieve that? It’s simple: make video your primary marketing vehicle.

Why should you invest in video marketing? It’s safe to say that your customers are visual perceivers. It’s best to reach out to them through a medium they will appreciate.

Studies have long echoed the effectiveness of video marketing campaigns. It can increase conversions by up to 80%. Almost 75% of consumers who watched an explainer video went on to purchase the product being offered.

You need to make sure you create insightful and creative content for your customers. Creating video content that contributes to the betterment of the audience’s lives will take your business far.

Through video, your customers will know exactly how your business will impact their lives and how they can make the most out of their purchase. What can you do in order to harness the power of video to help your startup?

Read on to learn about three ways to use video to get the best results for your business!

Produce product reviews

As a small and new company, you want to keep the focus on getting your product out there. What better way to do it than by producing product reviews?

To create an effective product review video, you need to emphasize a problem that your customers might have. Then, show them how your product can solve it.

You also need to show your audience how your product works and explain its mechanism. Don’t forget to include a call to action in your video as well. Invite your viewers to act after watching your video.

Do live videos

More and more businesses are opting to go live. Why should you get left behind? It’s a fantastic way of interacting with your audience and showing them how you can add value to their lives as well.

Did you know that 13% of web traffic for videos comes from live streams? That number will surely keep growing. Don’t miss out on getting your market share through live videos.

Why is live streaming so effective? First of all, it’s very easy and cheap. You only need a mobile device to stream, and you can do it right in your office.

In addition, users are motivated to engage during live videos. Acknowledge them in your live stream and answer their questions in your comments. Expect to get a lot of likes and shares when you do this.

Shoot customer testimonials

The truth is, customers still trust feedback from other people rather than take what any business is saying about their products. To address this, you can produce your own customer testimonial videos with real buyers.

This kind of content is a win-win for your startup. First, it’s realistic. Second, it drives trust. You will be able to establish your credibility this way.

You can shoot professional testimonials that will be able to highlight what your product can do for your customers. You can also encourage existing buyers to send you their own amateur videos.


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