3 Ways to Use AI in Your Email Marketing Strategy

Every day, tons of marketers rely on the power of email marketing to grow their businesses. In most cases, it goes hand in hand with video. Emails bank on video for higher click and open rates. Similarly, video also needs emails to reach more of a marketer’s audience.

It’s widely regarded that email brings in the best ROI for businesses. Now that it’s easier to reach prospects and schedule emails with marketing automation tools, videos can get more views and businesses can convert more clients.

Marketing automation powered by AI is even more beneficial for businesses. It can help marketers improve their campaigns by gathering data that marketers can get insights from in order to optimize every action and interaction they get.

Now that AI is helping marketing automation become more effective, businesses can see more returns from their email marketing efforts. It can help your videos become more influential tools for conversion as well. So how can you use AI to optimize your email marketing campaigns for success? Let’s look at three ways it can switch things up.

Attention-grabbing subject lines

Given the number of emails a person receives each day, you’ll be competing with hundreds of messages that got past your prospect’s spam filter. We know that the word “video” in an email subject line can improve its open rate, but how else do you think you can improve your subject lines?

It’s not just the word “video” that affects open rates. There are many others that can contribute to it as well. The trick is to make sure that you use those words well to attract your audience without losing your credibility so that they can continue to trust you.

That’s where AI comes in. AI can help you learn more about words or phrases that can compel your leads to open your messages. You’ll find out which subject lines are more effective for your audience, and how likely you can gain an interaction from it. With AI, you can come up with more on-brand and outstanding subject lines as soon as you need them.

Compelling copy

After your prospect has opened your email, the next step is to ensure that your audience acts after they read your message. How can you make it possible? By writing persuasive copy that gets straight to the point and touches on your audience’s concerns.

AI can help you figure out the right style to use to communicate with your audience. Using tools that determine your target consumer’s social media and web activity, it can help you use words and craft messages that are appropriate to your recipients.

In some cases, AI can also help you tailor your message depending on the season or time of the year. It’s one way to push your video or product especially when it’s appropriate. AI can also help you deliver more value to your audience by giving them suggestions based on their past purchases.

Effective calls to action

Ultimately, the goal of your emails is to get your audience to do something. What would get your audience to act? That would depend on either your product or your offer. AI can make it easier for you to determine which works.

With the help of AI, you can do a proper segmentation of your email list, spend less time doing A/B testing, and determine the best send time and frequency for your campaigns. This way, you can find out what to offer and when so that you can get more conversions for your emails.  

AI can give you the leverage to think strategically by contributing data that you can optimize right away. With this tool, you can spend more time crafting content tailored to your consumers’ needs. It will be easier to maximize conversions when you need it.


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