The Truth about Video Marketing

After you decided to launch your video marketing campaigns, you probably got busy learning about the technical side of video production. It can be tough finding out all you can about scriptwriting, cameras, lighting, audio, editing, and even production design. It’s normal to focus on these things when you start your video marketing efforts.

By this time, you could be all caught up with all there is to know about video production. From your camera set-up to your editing suite, it’s great to know the ropes on how to produce video content. But do you think you already know how to maximize your material by the time you get it out there?

In order to get the results you want, you have to pay attention to the actual marketing side of your video material. Do you know what to do after you’ve finished presenting it and editing it?

There’s plenty more to learn about video marketing besides the production side. I’ll tell you about some things you have to remember when you start your campaigns.

Do content well

You could have a really good camera and a skilled video editor, but if your content is flimsy and unsubstantial, then what’s the point? Don’t forget about what your audience needs. If you settle for vapid, impractical content, there’s a chance that your audience won’t respond to your material well.

Don’t think of video in the short-term. If you only want some buzz or quick wins that you aren’t planning to sustain, think twice about choosing this medium. Video marketing is all about adding value to your customers’ lives through your brand’s story. Make sure your content is at par with that.

Be consistent

Video marketing is not a one-time, big-time project. If you want to witness how it can contribute to your company or help you make an impact in your industry, you have to sustain it. One good video that gets engagement and conversions is not enough. You need to get better at it.

Find out what your audience likes. See which platforms get the most responses. Always try to stay relevant to your customers. Cultivate their interest in your brand. Offering valuable content consistently will allow your company to grow and give you the chance to make a mark in your industry.

Don’t use videos to promote

Of course, when we say video marketing, you might think it’s a chance to plug your products or services. The truth is, video is not the right way to do it. It might seem like an easy way to promote your business, but you shouldn’t.

Video marketing will require a long-term strategy that, at its core, is all about earning your audience’s trust and adding value to their lives. Video will help you establish your brand as a business they will keep coming back to. This is where you will see the most return of investment. Save all the promotions elsewhere.

Consider your distribution

Lastly, if you think uploading your video on your blog or website is enough, you’ll definitely miss out. Distribution is almost as important as your content. It’s important for you to be able to put it out there where your audience can easily see it.

If you have social channels like Facebook and Twitter, you should take advantage of it. Try posting teasers made from the original content that can pique your customers’ interest and lead them to your blog. You can try uploading it on YouTube so it can be indexed by search engines easier as well. There are so many ways to get your content out to your audience – it’s all a matter of maximizing those ways.


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