10 Tips For Improving Your Presence On Camera – Part 2

In the previous post, I shared five of my top tips for improving your presence in front of the camera. This time, I’ll be giving you five more tips to get you ready to shoot that content. Hopefully, you’ll finally get the courage to shed your inhibitions and show your true, confident self when presenting!

Hold eye contact

Look at the camera as if you were looking at a friend. Face it with a warm and welcoming look. Avoid looking around too much. Darting eyes will make your nervousness more obvious.

You should blink naturally, too. You will come across as a very inauthentic and detached when you blink too much on camera. Just look into the camera with affection to give the impression of being natural and credible, and smile with ease. Let your confidence show.

Prepare carefully

Don’t expect that your shoot will be perfect, but don’t come unprepared, either. Coming to your shoot well-prepared will give you the confidence to speak and deliver as an expert. This doesn’t mean you have to memorize your script – you better not. You can have prompters or bullet points on hand to help keep you going.

Whatever mistakes you make can probably be taken care of by editing. While shooting, just focus on speaking naturally and remembering to breathe easily. If you ever make a mistake while delivering your script, keep going. It’s best to stay professional. It will give you more credibility.

Talk about what you know

Nothing will make you feel less confident and capable than by speaking about a topic or niche that you’re not very familiar with. When creating video content, it’s best to stick to your industry or something related to it. This way, it’s easy to have a real conversation with your audience.

Knowing that your content is about your business or industry will give you that feeling of being trustworthy as you deliver your script. Work your content around topics you feel comfortable discussing. It will definitely help you get the courage to speak in front of the camera.

Limit distractions

Whether you’re easily distracted or not, it’s best to keep possible interruptions to a minimum before you start shooting. If you need to ask people to step out, or at least move away from your direct line of sight, do it. Whatever helps you become more comfortable, go and ask for it nicely.

Make sure nothing goes off during your shoot – check if any phone or alarm might go off before you start. Allow yourself to stay focused and concentrate on your breathing and delivery. If anything bothers you, make sure to deal with it before the camera starts rolling.

Keep things interesting

It goes without saying – boring videos will not sustain an audience. You have to tailor your content to their needs and produce it in such a way that they will finish your video and keep coming back for more. Make your content exciting, insightful, and creative. If either humor or inspiration work, try that as well. Turn your video into something that will really appeal to them. That way, you can hold their attention and interest for a long time.

This wraps up my 10 tips to help you become more confident in front of the camera. If you want to become a true video master and expand your brand globally, you can learn more about video marketing through my courses, coming soon!


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