How to Succeed at Cold Prospecting by Using Loom

If you’re using video everywhere in your marketing, you also need to fill other gaps in your growth strategy by using it. Video can help you maintain relationships with your customers – why not use it to create relationships with prospects as well?

All platforms are leading toward video, so it makes perfect sense to utilize it if you want to lead your prospects and establish the conversation. Using video to ensure that your leads progress will allow you to make your lead generation program more personal and powerful.

One way to record and share videos with your leads is by using Loom. It’s a free Google Chrome extension – which will soon be available as a desktop app – that allows you to record your screen, either just a browser tab or your entire desktop, and also take a video using your laptop webcam at the same time.

When you’re done recording the video, you will be taken to their website where you can download or edit it. You can also integrate your Google Drive account to Loom for storage.

If it sounds promising to you, then you have to learn more about what it can do for your lead generation program.

Prospects prefer video

No matter what platform you look at, you will always find video content, and with good reason. By now you know that social networks are prioritizing videos, so you have to ride the wave and use it to capture your prospects’ attention.

If your product or service has a lot of features or steps that you want to illustrate to your customer, video is the best way to do it. Loom can help you get your message across right away because you can do both the talking and sampling yourself, in a way that will be easy for your leads to consume.

Not only is video more personal – it can also help you explain so much of what you do or offer to your leads in just a few minutes. Using Loom will also make that easier for you to do. You can add a video of yourself explaining your product or service to the customer while showing them how it works on a browser or on your desktop.

Video helps with sales

Video is proven to increase email open rates so take advantage of that in your prospecting. Even adding the word ‘video’ in your subject lines help.

So how exactly can Loom be of assistance in your prospecting? Show them that you made an effort to learn about their business. Loom can help you capture their attention through videos that can illustrate your understanding of your prospects’ business situation.

More than getting your prospects to convert, show them that you’re more focused on building a relationship with them first. You can give your leads a reason to trust you with your personal messages and demonstrations. Use video to establish your credibility and it will allow you to engage your prospects better.

Video shows your prospects that you’re confident

Your prospects need assurance that you know your stuff. There’s nothing your leads want more than a team that understands what they do. Video helps you establish that, so you can move forward as you build your relationships with your leads.

How can Loom help you here? You can use it to check in or follow up with your prospects. If they need more proof of how your product or service can help them, do micro-demos that will show more of how you can solve their problems with what you offer.

The more personal your videos are, the better. Don’t come off as pushy, and focus on their needs and tie it with your value proposition. Make sure your videos illustrate why your prospects need your product or service, and watch them reach the bottom of your funnel.


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