10 Tips For Improving Your Presence On Camera – Part 1

Appearing in front of the camera for a video seems so daunting for most people. If you’re too anxious about presenting, how can you appear confident and credible in your content? It’s not easy to convince yourself to relax before every shoot or take begins. Luckily, you can ease into it by learning the right way of presenting on camera until you get used to it.

Mastering your presence in front of the camera is no easy feat. But with time and practice, you can achieve it. These tips are just some things that will help you further your brand and set you apart from your competitors through video.

Dress for success

Appearances definitely matter in video content. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise who you really are. Pick an outfit that will show your audience the real “you” and at the same time is appropriate for what the video calls for. Dress smart by thinking about what your audience would likely be wearing.

Make sure you are comfortable in what you’re wearing. It will definitely show if you don’t feel good about yourself in front of the camera. You should try to wear less jewelry. Go for a natural makeup look and a simple, neat hairstyle. These are among the first few things your audience will notice.

Mind your posture

Your body language will say a lot about you. Be sure to stand or sit up straight when facing the camera. This will show your audience that you have the energy and confidence to share your expertise and present the video.

You should also be mindful of where you put your hands. You can practice some hand gestures that aren’t too distracting. Avoid touching parts of your body that can help you relax. It’s best to keep movements at a minimum while you’re presenting.

Use your natural voice

You might get tempted to adapt a voice that you deem more suited for video, like an announcer or a host. Don’t. Remember that your audience needs you to be true to yourself. Don’t create a persona that they will not be able to relate to.

Speak to the camera the way you would talk to a friend or a neighbor. Relax and just speak using your normal voice. You’d be surprised to learn that this is what your audience expects from you to begin with. Don’t give them someone who only resembles you.

Pay attention to your pacing

Make sure your script flows naturally. Memorizing the beginning and ending of your spiel is good, but don’t do it for the whole thing. Focus on how you say it. Make sure you do it in a way that will make you look credible and trustworthy. Become a true expert in your delivery.

Avoid mouthfuls and speak simply and clearly. Mind your pauses and beats when you speak. Most importantly, enunciate well and don’t use slang. Make your audience understand your script easily.

Breathe easily

You might forget this, but minding your breathing before and when you are in front of the camera is important. Take deep breaths before you start shooting, and keep your breathing easy throughout the video. If you find yourself breathing or talking too fast, relax or take a break.

What matters is you get to show who you are in the video. That’s why it’s important to remain chill and relaxed. This way, the audience will get to know you better and will end up trusting you in the process.

I have a few more tips lined up for you in the next part of this blog. Let these help you become more confident and at ease in front of the camera! To find out what you can learn more about video marketing, watch out for my courses.


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